R/T Tuning: Max2k1 Benefit Dyno Day

March 31, 2011

R/T Tuning held a benefit dyno day on March 26th for a fellow board member who has been down on his luck, being involved in a very serious accident some time ago. The event had a great turnout and approximately $7,000 dollars was raised in the benefit of Mike!

Aaron’s white EK hatch may look familiar to you, as we featured it a year or so ago. It’s now gotten the bigger turbo treatment and put down the tune of 402whp!

This is what a Miata SHOULD look like! This turbocharged, full SCCA-prepped race car was an awesome sight to see for many people, putting down 180whp+ in a chassis that weighs nothing.

With the addition of the new AWD Mustang dyno in the SpeedLocker warehouse, there was a great all-wheel-drive turnout for the event. There were EVO’s, WRX’s, and BMW’s all putting down big numbers.

With sponsors such as Rockstar Energy Drink and Turn 14 donating product for raffles and giveaways, there was also an auction for local restaurant gift cards, with all proceeds going to Mike and his family.

Check out this teaser of some footage that we’ll be throwing up on the site soon!

All in all, the event had a great turnout and was extremely successful in raising money for Mike’s benefit. A great time was had by all!

-All Words, Photography, and Video by Justin Mondschein.


Derek’s ’03 S2000

December 13, 2010

The AP1 S2000.
Certainly one of life’s finer automobiles…with it’s sleek and slender, yet extremely aggressive lines, what could one not love about this car? With the AP1’s high-revving attitude, it’s truly a driver’s car. One would imagine the S2000 doesn’t really need any additions, as it’s pretty well balanced from the factory, but Derek will tell you a different story.

Derek decided he needed more power and opted for the C/T supercharger, AEM standalone ECU, and many other bolt-ons netting him a solid 363 rwhp. The interior holds a single Bride seat, a Cusco roll bar, and the familiar Takada green 5-point harness system holding the driver down snug.

The car has an attractive stance, thanks to the ARK DT-P coilovers and a set of Work Meister S1 in 18×8.5″ (F) and 18×9.5″ (R). The aftermarket front bumper adds aggression while hiding the heat exchanger for the Air-to-Water intercooler setup.

With plans which include ditching the blower setup for a turbocharged system, expect Derek’s car to put down well over 400whp in the near future. Rule #1, never underestimate the 4-cylinder!

-All words and photos by Justin Mondschein.



Steve’s MKIII Jetta

November 8, 2010

This car is number 4 in reference to the number of Volkswagens “Jetta Steve” has owned. He has gone through a boosted 2.0 8v, a MKIV GTi, an old-school 4-door Rabbit, and has finally landed this MKIII Jetta (Oh, and stick an EVO XIII in there somewhere too). After searching the boards for a clean plate to begin a project with, Steve came across this black MKIII and decided it was the one. This two-owner vehicle was dumped on coilovers when Steve first brought it home, but maxing out the coils just wasn’t low enough for him.

Steve decided to go with AirLift to suit his ride height needs. With the airbags installed, he can now fully adjust his ride height with a flick of the switches (located conveniently on his dash). The compressor and tank is hidden in the trunk, making for a very clean and stealthy install.

Wide, mesh style wheels make for a classic look on the VW’s so Steve decided to go with the ESM’s in 16×9 with an effective +20 offset to finish the car off with an aggressive stance. 10mm front spacers and 5mm rear spacers are being used to give the proper clearances when the car is laid out.

Like any real car enthusiast, a project can never be truly finished. In the near future, expect to see a slick shaved bay, custom interior pieces, and even a different set of wheels could be in the works. The possibilities are endless.

-All words and photos by Justin Mondschein.


Perfect Fall Day

October 17, 2010

Today is October 16th. I’m still in disbelief that we’re already in the fall season. Seems like it was just the other day when we were holding 300+ car meets at Ross back in the spring. Attending meets every Thursday night not only gave everyone something to do, but was a great opportunity to meet new people and make lifelong friends. With the changing of seasons, the temperatures drop and most of us are putting our toys away for a nice warm spring day. I had the chance to meet up with two friends to get some nice fall shots, before the weather gets too cold.

The first group of shots are of a car some of you may recognize; I shot Jim’s WRX back last year with his old wheel/stance setup. He has recently upgraded to a set of white Rota’s in 18×9.5 +35 offset in the rear and 18×9.5 +13 offset in the front. The TEIN SS coilovers help Jim achieve his aggressive stance.

John’s 2007 Corolla S is not, at first glance, what I would expect to see aggressively stanced but this car has definitely changed my opinion on the matter. This Corolla is dumped on K-Sport coilovers, rocking a set of Rota DPT’s in 18×9.5 +20 offset all around, wrapped in 215/40/18″ tires. I think it’s pretty aggressive, take a look for yourself:

-All Words and Photos by Justin Mondschein.


Pick Your Poison!

October 9, 2010


The twentypsi.com die-cut vinyl decals are back and this time in new limited quantity colors! The decals are 8″ inches long and come in the following colors:


The decals are $5 bucks each.
Local pickup or PayPal @ justin.mondschein@gmail.com (Please make sure to state color choice with your payment!).


Evan’s Kouki S14 240sx

March 25, 2010

It seems these days, it’s hard to not get bitten by the stance bug. Gone are old days of the “sunken battleships”; According to the new school rules, the super wide wheels must poke out flush with the fender, run a mild stretch, and dump the car to a stupidly low ride height. Although this new trend looks the part, the argument lies with the true performance enthusiasts who believe that it certainly doesn’t perform the part. This has been a topic in question for quite sometime, there is fact in the matter that if done correctly, the car can have the stanced look and perform just as hot as it looks.

Evan is no stranger to well-performing fast cars; his long list of previous vehicles include a fully built and big turbo’d eclipse GST that did well over 300whp on a self-tuned meth setup and standalone. After spending years of blood, sweat, and tears through the good times and the hard times of the DSM game, the GST was totaled and it was time to move on. Rather than building another DSM and having to deal with the reliability issues of these powerful machines, he decided on going a RWD route.

So without wasting time, Evan began the search to find the perfect 240sx. Fortunately, unlike most who can spend years trying to find the right match, this beautiful near-stockĀ  ’98 Kouki was found in a Craigslist ad not long after he started the search. A private sale by the original owner of the car, Evan knew he couldn’t pass this one up. After a week of conversation and test drives, the car arrived home in Evan’s driveway in December of 2009, thus beginning the ultimate tear down.

A perfectionist begins by learning what they have at the table to work with. Evan began tearing apart the interior, completely gutting the car to clean and rewire the entire audio system to his own specifications. Everything was pulled out, all the way down to the carpets and seats so that Evan could get the car as clean as he possibly could. The exterior was buffed and polished, the gorgeous mirror black paint certainly shows it’s reflections. After he performed his cleanup and basic maintenance, Evan can be quoted saying “I just plan on keeping the car stock for a while and cruising around.” It turns out he had spoken too soon.

Night after night, Evan was up late hours doing research on what parts work the best for his ride. After purchasing a coilover setup that ended up not working out in his favor, He decided on going the baller route and snagging nothing but the best. The car is currently sitting on a set of HKS Hypermax II full coilovers with HKS 2-way dampening pillow tops to achieve this gnarly stance. Yamato Garage rear upper control arms, tension, and toe rods keep this Kouki super stiff. Evan’s domestic side comes out in the wheel setup; Ford Mustang Cobra-R wheels in 17×9″ 225/45/17 and 17×10″ 245/40/17 keep this car planted on the asphalt. Like it was mentioned before, Evan is a perfectionist. Every single bushing has been replaced with all upgraded poly bushings including the diff and the steering rack. The brake setup has been upgraded to a Q45 “big brake” setup to keep this car stopping on a dime. A big fan of the factory exterior, Evan is a firm believer of the sexy stock lines of the S14, thus only adding a Kouki lip to the front end to polish off the look.

Proud to say, every bit of work has been done by himself in his own garage at home. Evan has stated that not one other person other than himself has laid a hand in the installs for this car. Future plans for this S14 include a RB25det swap supplied by Elite JDM which will eventually lead to a big turbo setup down the road. At the rate things have been going thus far, expect to see this thing swapped and ready to rock by the summer time.

-All Words and Photos by Justin Mondschein.


TX2k10 Supra/GTR Nationals: Day 3

March 22, 2010

Unfortunately, mother nature decided to take it’s toll and change the luck of the weekend by dumping Houston with rain so our Saturday events were canceled. The night meet/bikini contest was still on though, and the turnout was huge. A huge variety of cars were in attendance at Frankenstein’s Bar & Grill in addition to a DJ and a dozen pretty ladies in small bikini’s. I forgot my tripod so next-to-none of my meet shots came out, but here are a few for your viewing pleasure:

The weather finally cleared and the track events ensued on Sunday. The track hooked from early on and a lot of fast runs went down. The AMS GTR is now the world’s first GTR in the 9-second realm and the Boost Logic Supra set the fastest Supra record at 7.59 @ 189mph. I was on the track shooting for no more than ten minutes before I got the boot so I didn’t get any Supra race shots but it was an incredible experience to hear the GTR’s and Viper’s from ten feet away.

-All Words and Photos by Justin Mondschein.